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Smart comments

#1. anonymous: “where are you from?” (I show them my phone case, which might I add has a Union Jack on it)

anonymous: “Australia?”

me: “No, England!”

#2. anonymous: “So France is near where you live right?”

me: “yes it is”

anonymous: “so you know French right? Cause you live near it.”

me: “well no not really I mean Spain, Portugal and all those other European countries are near me doesn’t mean I know all those languages.”

#3. anonymous: (might I add this is when I was on the trax- public transportation.) “so why don’t you have a ring on?”

me: “um… I’m just not married.”

anonymous: “oh are you lesbian?”

me: “no, I’m just not taken by anyone yet.”

#4. anonymous: “So what tribe are you part of?”

me: “um no tribe, why do you ask?”

anonymous: “well your wearing a feathered hair band, I just thought you were like native american.”

me: “no, it’s just for fashion.”


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