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Do you know me?

Getting to know me

My name is Solena Rivas Peatfield. I was born and raised in England🇬🇧, so I guess you can say I’m British, yes like Harry Potter but with out the MAJOR point of me not being a British BOY. My mother was born in Chile, South America. So I’m not fully white! I love to mess around on my guitar and maybe with the intention of singing once in a while, with the luck of me not sounding like a Strangled Cat.

Favourite flower sunflower and peonies.
I tend to go a bit bonkers when it comes to fashion. Nothing pleases me more than shopping.
I occasionally snap a photo here and there.
I LOVE road trips and but mainly just traveling in general.
Eating healthy is always my priority.
Everyone is Beautiful in their own way, and you should live up your life to the FULLEST!



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